Extended Abstract Submission Guidelines


  1. The extended abstract must be submitted in ENGLISH. Those whose first language is not English are strongly advised to have their manuscripts checked by a proficient third party before submission.
  2. Submit the extended abstract in BOTH Document (.doc) and PDF (.pdf) format.
  3. Deadline for submission of extended abstracts is 15th March 2016.



  1. Prepare your text with Times New Roman font, size 10 for body and size 12 for the title.


  1. Title of the extended abstract should all be CAPITALIZED.
  2. The title may cover more than one line and be at the centre of the document.

Authors and affiliation

  1. Author(s) name should be written in full.
  2. Use numbering system for the affiliation (including the country of the author(s)).


  1. Extended abstracts must NOT exceed 5 pages (including abstract, figures, tables and references) and should be up to full scientific standard in English language following conventional scientific writing style or format.

Page layout

  1. Paper size A4, portrait (vertical) layout.
  2. All text should be single column and in justified alignment
  3. Margin settings, 1 inch (2.54 cm) on top, bottom, right and left; header, footer and gutter set to 0.

Main text

  1. Extended abstract should be single-spaced and leave a blank line between paragraphs.
  2. Manuscripts should usually follow this sequence:
    Title; Author(s); Summary; Key Words (up to 5 keywords); Introduction (ending with a concise statement of the purpose of the article); Methods; Results; Discussion; Conclusion; Acknowledgements and References. These headings should be CAPITALIZED.

Illustrations, figures and tables

  1. Illustrations, figures and tables should be embedded in the document, oriented in portrait (vertical) layout and may be in colour. NO attachments or linked files will be accepted.
  2. Captions on tables should be given on top of each table with Times New Roman font size 8.
  3. Captions to illustrations, figures and photographs should be given at the end of each figure with Times New Roman font size 8.
  4. The resolution of Figures in the initial submission should be sufficiently high to make them clear on the reviewer's computer screen, but excessively high resolutions should be avoided in order that the total size of the document submitted for review will remain manageable as an attachment to an email. If at all possible, keep the size of the whole document below 1 MB.
  5. Do NOT put page numbers.
  6. Do NOT use headers or footers.


  1. List and number all bibliographical references in Times New Roman font size 10, single spaces at the end of your extended abstracts.
  2. All references must be cited in the text (name, year of publication).
  3. Quote journal names in full, NOT abbreviated form. References should be cited as "in press" only if already accepted for publication, in which case the journal name, volume number and year must be stated.
  4. Book and journal titles should be in italics with upper case initial letters. For books, please give the place of publication and either the total number of pages or the page range for the material cited.


Last Updates: 30 March 2016

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